Travis Porter

Kareem Hazou

Welcome and thanks for stopping by our site. Each and every one of you are unique and love for those uniquenesses. Never change. Be you.

I’m Travis born and raised in a small town in Indiana. After graduating from college moved to the south that gave me a different perspective from midwestern town in America. Since then now reside in New Jersey. Have living in three very distinct geographic locations those being the Midwest, the South and the North East NYC metro area has given me a diverse perspective of the country we live in. Come talk and listen to the both of us as we provide. We are thrilled to start this podcast and share our thoughts and perspectives.

Hello let me start by saying if you are reading this, that I love you! You are here and present in this life for a purpose. We are in this life together, don’t ever lose sight of your light.

I’m Kareem, and I hail from North New Jersey. I am one of 7 siblings (the 6th to be exact) and have always been a voracious observer perhaps due to growing up within a large family. My curiosity in the mysteries of the human psyche shaped around the human experience are as prevalent as it’s ever been.